First-class talent to create first-class quality. Changan Group craving talent, respect for the value of people, concerned about the needs of people, to play human potential. "Both ability and political integrity, to Germany first" is the Changan Group's employment principle. We respect the talent, more emphasis on loyalty and dedication; we respect the personality, but also requires the unity of values. Team together is the backbone of the cause of Changan Group, "responsibility is more important than everything" is the requirements of every employee.

  Changan Group to implement the "business cohesion, culture to cultivate people, to improve the work of people, to performance assessment of people" talent strategy. Both the pursuit of maximizing the value of the enterprise, but also to maximize the value of the staff. Both to create wealth, but also to cultivate talent.

  Welcome to join Changan Investment Group, to grow and create excellence.