Hua Nan Cuisine school

Nanning You Mei Baking School

Nanning Chang'an Kaiyuan driving school

Nanning Bai Meihui school

Guangzhou Bai Meihui school

Guangzhou You Mei Baking School

  Guangxi Chang'an Kaiyuan Education Investment Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Anhui Chang'an Kaiyuan Investment Group. It is now set up in South China Cuisine School, Nanning Meixi West School, Nanning Chang'an Kaiyuan Driving School, Nanning Bai Meihui School, Guangzhou Bai Meihui School, Guangzhou You Mei Baking School .The school has six campuses. Accumulated investment of more than 5000 million, to create a beautiful campus environment and improve the teaching conditions, has accumulated a solid faculty, to explore and summarize the advanced teaching ideas and methods. The company always adhere to the skills training for the strong line of talent, strengthen the professionalism of students and professional skills training "wings", cultivate practical, complex high-level technicians, local economic construction services. At the same time attach great importance to employment, always pay close attention to the employment of the output terminal, the establishment of employment guidance center, the establishment of the national employment network for students to carry out employment guidance, employment recommendations and tracking full service. Perennial students in more than 6,000 people, has accumulated training output of all kinds of outstanding professionals more than 10 million people.

 Over the years, the company has been rated as "the national vocational training institutions advanced unit", "national entrepreneurial star", "the first Chinese education industry top ten brand gold medal", "regional advanced unit of vocational education", and many times in the country, Guangxi District, all kinds of cooking, beauty salons and other special events on the gains, access to a good social awareness and reputation, known as the "South China first school."