Hefei, is a city worthy of our love. "Wu Chu to red, Bao hometown." East hope Nanjing, South Bin Chaohu. Her gentle enough to comfort every beautiful heart, her vitality bloom is attracting the eyes of the future people ...

Looking back past, twenty contained time flies, if the white horse clearance. Those deep or shallow footprints, recorded Chang’an Kaiyuan all the way to the development process: we have the beginning of the hardships of entrepreneurship, the development and growth of the joy of the growth of the excitement of the harvest...

We use the heart of the family, the achievements of thousands of families on the future good hope for the people of Luzhou and the city of urban development and development efforts to contribute;

We know that granting people to fish as a grant to the fishing way to cultivate the survival skills of the majority of young people for the mission, continue to transport the community of outstanding professional and technical personnel;

We know how to drink water source, feeding feedback. In the crisis of the times, helping the poor, with the help of the hand to hold up the difficulties of people's hope.

For the trust, for the love, thanks to our customers; for the faith, for the support, thanks to our society; for the confidence, for understanding, thanks to our partners; for the insistence, for the creation, thanks to our staff! You give Chang'an Kaiyuan trust and support, we continue to move forward the biggest driving force.

Chang'an Kaiyuan sincerely thank the community for our cause of concern and support, we will continue to forge ahead, struggling to move forward, Chang'an Kaiyuan developed into a better Chinese outstanding brand dedicated to everyone!