Group Overview

Chang'an Kaiyuan Investment Group was established in 2002, deep plowing vocational education, real estate development, financial investment, ecological agriculture four core areas, is a pursuit of excellence, focus on the quality of large private enterprise groups.

Hefei Chang'an Kaiyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd., Hefei Changan Kaiyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd., Anhui Chang'an Property Management Co., Ltd., Anhui Chang'an Kaiyuan Education Technology Co., Ltd., Guangxi Chang'an Kaiyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd., Hefei Chang'an Kaiyuan Real Estate Co., Ltd., Kaiyuan Education Investment Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Youmei Education Investment Co., Ltd., Anhui Wanzhang Peng environment Ecological Agriculture Development Co., Ltd., Hefei Yanda Trading Co., Ltd. 10 wholly-owned subsidiary.

Through years of steady development and strength accumulation, has formed a real estate development and vocational education industry, taking into account the ecological agriculture development, commerce, financial risk investment and other areas of comprehensive development pattern.

Chang'an Kaiyuan Group adhering to the "integrity of the century, long and when the letter of the world, peace of mind!" Corporate philosophy, Accumulate, Bo public home long, tree wind, has grown into Anhui investment industry in a bright The pearl.

Group advocated "to enhance the value of employees, to create customer value" and "people-oriented, professional legislation" management philosophy, integration in the real estate and cultural and educational industry for many years the accumulation of resources, adhere to the "market, standardized and professional" , Relying on a sound management system and risk control mechanisms to avoid business risks, the formation of Changan Kaiyuan Group refined, rigorous, atmospheric management style.

Chang'an Kaiyuan is committed to building a stable, rational, united, dedicated, hard work of high-quality professional team, with strong capital strength, advanced management concepts and personnel advantages, attracting the attention of domestic key universities outstanding talent, set up their own Young and creative project R & D and market development elite team.

Chang'an Kaiyuan advancing with the times, and constantly tap the intrinsic value of enterprises, strengthen innovation, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, improve the Group's development strategy, optimize the asset structure, through mergers and acquisitions and asset restructuring, in the expansion and development has accumulated mature experience, The market recognized first-class professional level and first-class service level, has made remarkable achievements.

Chang'an Kaiyuan Group, based on Hefei, intensive real estate, with accurate market control, lofty investment eyes, to create a unique "real estate model" to ingenuity to create urban boutique living, for the city cast a classic living, For the Chinese city of outstanding contribution to the operation, "the dream of the road ahead. Group's development of real estate projects are: Chang'an Tian Xi, Chan'gan Salzburg, Chang'an East County, Changan a product, Chang'an Holiday Residence, the cumulative development area of more than one million square. In the region and the industry has a very high visibility and reputation.

Group's education industry, the constant pursuit of innovation and development, after 20 years of strength accumulation, today's Chang'an Kaiyuan education is excellent attitude, the layout of the country, toward a deeper and broader areas continue to move forward. Education Group now has six independent campus, perennial students in the tens of thousands of people. Strong teachers, perfect teaching conditions and beautiful campus environment to attract students to come here to pursue the dream. Chang'an Kaiyuan Education Group to skills training for the cultivation of the main line of talent, to strengthen students' professionalism and vocational skills, "wings" to employment-oriented, training practical, complex senior personnel. Around the culinary education, beauty salons, driving training, West Point vocational skills training and other key areas, Chang'an Kaiyuan has accumulated training output of various types of outstanding professionals hundreds of thousands of people, won the "first Chinese education industry top ten brand gold medal", "national vocational training Institutions advanced units "and many other honors, access to a wide range of social awareness and recognition, known as the" South China first school. "

Group eco-agriculture plate, relying on purple Pengshan Scenic Area, is committed to the purple Pengshan ecological park to create a set of agricultural production, leisure and tourism, scientific and technological innovation, cultural and creative in one of the modern integrated agricultural demonstration park.

Group business extends to the field of financial investment, through hand in hand yuan investment, for small and medium enterprises to provide integrated financing services. The company actively with the well-known PE and VC institutions at home and abroad to carry out private equity investment and venture capital, strong capital operation strength to create social and economic benefits of a win-win situation.

And then the world's mind, build business business wind. Chang'an Kaiyuan in good faith to join the public welfare, action to return to society. The Group has repeatedly supported the flood relief and relief efforts to help the project, has accumulated donations of 500 million yuan, with practical action for the harmonious development of society to contribute to Chang'an Kaiyuan's sense of social responsibility and mission.

Anhui Chang'an Kaiyuan Investment Group will always adhere to the integrity of the business philosophy and people-oriented talent strategy to high-quality professional management team and regulate the sound internal management system to promote sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise, the company into a powerful, influential , The brand of the domestic first-class company.