2017 post training seminar Newsletter

Date 2017-12-27     Views:165

Work diligently and comprehensively expand

——2017 post training seminar of Changan Kaiyuan Education Group

  In order to regulate the various colleges and universities related work, promote the exchange of knowledge and experience, and meet the new start of 2018 spring, Changan Kaiyuan Group held 2017 annual training seminars in Hefei from December 18th to 21. Over twenty course consultants and financial representatives from all over the country gathered at the headquarters of Hefei group, and launched a three day, two night training seminar on consulting services and financial norms.

  The group attaches great importance to this meeting, the Group Chairman Mr. Wu Chengyue made an important speech at the meeting, the strategic position of education sector plays an important role in the development planning of Changan Kaiyuan Group, spoke highly of the institutions to obtain work achievement in the end, the chairman of the board of directors made clear instructions and expectations of all participants.

  This meeting, professional courses, education department, on behalf of the elite financial department, external lecturer to bring you an exciting industry knowledge, brand culture, real sales, financial practice, in the knowledge of the feast, representatives from all over the country in-depth study, the concept of unity.

  In the discussion session, representatives from all over the world are enthusiastic and eager to speak: share their work experience, exchange work experience, and constantly ask questions, analyze problems and solve problems. To improve professional skills in learning and to unify the working process during the discussion.

  The group prepared a gift on behalf of the participants of the college, with a group of deep warmth and ardent desire, around the course consultants and financial representatives to the distressed at parting.

  Changan Kaiyuan Group has a long history of school education for 21 years, with rich experience and passion of the old staff in Colleges and universities at the same time, talents are constantly emerging. This conference provides a platform for the new and old employees to exchange experiences and ideas, new and old people the soul of the collision sparks, further consolidate the Changan Kaiyuan Group led the internal foundation, overall planning, more Changan Kaiyuan education in the whole country, standardize work process step to enhance the service quality, sonorous and forceful.